Qi (气) translates as vital energy and Gong (功) as work or training. Qigong can be described as working or training both in the sense of developing or improving vitality. In China it is said that the body is under the constant influence Zheng Qi (正气) positive energy and Xie Qi (邪气) negative energy. It is constantly said because these energies can be found both in people and in situations and places. Both energies permeate the energy fields of people, as well as generated by negative or positive people. Energy is expressed at the organic level (health – illness), instinctive (calm – anxiety), emotional (euphoria – depression) and intellectual (inspiration – dullness). Qigong increases energy levels in the body or relieves stress by restoring balance. Through mental and respiratory exercises more physical movements both energizing and relaxing. It produces both the closure and the opening of energy centers in our body, thus regulating an energetic balance. Our Qigong training system offers different levels of deepening in Qigong where you can study both healthy, religious-spiritual versions as well as martial Qigong methods.