If you want to study in Hun Yuan school do not necessarily have to be daoist or buddhist. Here people can learn the rudiments of the daoist and buddhist arts and improving their life quality. We teach the general public 禪(chan) “meditation techniques”, 按摩(an mo) “massage”, 導引(dao yin) “daoist yoga”, 武術 (wu shu) “martial arts”, 氣功(qi gong) “energetic gymnastics” and more. Also for whom are interested in investigating new philosophical currents we offer introductory talks to daoist, buddhist philosophies. Plus you can learn strategic thinking and contemplative analysis. The way that we practice all this knowledge is not a religion, just a practical philosophy of life.


Master Miguel Castroman’s  training started when he was 11 years old. In Buenos Aires Argentina, under the tutelage of master Lin Qing Song (林青松) native of Republic of China, Taiwan (ROC) expert in Cha Quan (查拳), Tam Tui (彈腿) and Tae Kwon Do (腳拳道) who is president of the ACKF – Argentinian Chinese Kuoshu Federation (阿根廷中華國術總會).

At age 15 he began to study under the guidance of Rodolfo Polich Wing Chun (詠春拳) and Buddha Fist (佛家拳). Master Castroman was training under Grand Master Polich 8 years until he become proficient in southern boxing. 

When Master Castroman turned 22 years old began studying under the tutelage of Master Ma Xian Feng (馬先鋒) Wudang Quan (武當拳), Northern Shaolin fist (北 少林 拳)  and Dao Yin Shu (導引術) “Daoist Yoga”.

At age 18 Master Castroman became interested in San Shou Kung Fu, participating also in several tournaments of Muay Thai and Kickboxing. In the decade of the 90 he started studying Daoist massage (推拿), Daoist nutritional therapy (營養療法) and Daoist body detox therapy (排毒療法身体). Master Castroman actually lives in Bs. As. Argentina and teaches seminars around the world.