The development of the Buddhist kung fu system, picks up techniques from the southern (南 少林 拳) traditions that are then developed from the pugilistic point of view. That is, placing great emphasis on the application of movements to combat, instead of focusing on it from the point of view of competition or exhibition. In addition, our school offers a short compendium of classic traditional forms, selected a very varied set of styles. These forms and fighting techniques are characterized by their aggressive application.to combat.


Any person wishing to take a class should contact the instructor via email. Interested persons must provide their personal information such as name, age, sex and previous experience in martial arts and the available schedules. With this information the instructor will try to create groups of people with similar characteristics. In order to provide students with the ability to progress rapidly. Only people who sign a waiver where they take responsibility for injuries resulting from training may take classes.

1 class per week – 20 per class – 4 classes per month $ 80

2 classes per week – 18 per class – 8 classes per month $ 144

3 classes per week – $17 per class – 12 classes per month $ 204

4 classes per week – $16 per class – 16 classes per month $ 256

5 classes per week – $ 15 per class – 20 classes per month $ 300

15 + 7 =